• How do i get started?

    Its simple.  You select a plan and one of our specialists will contact you and handle your entire on-boarding process including getting your previous books and records if any, setting up your new online accounting system and etc.

  • Who is handling my books?

    We have an entire team set up of CPAs and accounting professionals who have experience handling accounting, bookkeeping and backoffice services.  We hire and train certified quality specialists only so you can enjoy running your main business.

  • Will I have access to my own books?

    Yes.  We set up your online access.  You will have 24/7 access online as well as on Mobile Apps

  • Will I have to give access to my bank and credit card statements?

    Yes.  We need access to your all your banking and credit card feeds.  Otherwise we won't be able to do our job.  The main way we do this is link your online bank and credit card feeds to your online bookkeeping service.  This is a one time set up at the beginning of the on-boarding process. 

  • How long does it take to set up my account and books?

    Depending on how many bank accounts and credit cards you have and how many months you may be behind on your accounting, it will take 1-10 days to set up your Accounting.

  • What if my books are behind several months?

    Thats perfectly ok and common. We get you caught up and then start from there. We may also provide a discount if you are very behind in order to make it economical to start fresh. Talk to us about your options. 

  • Will I have a someone to ask questions and etc?

    Yes. Depending on your plan, you can contact us via chat, email and phone during our business hours.

  • Can I stop my monthly services at anytime?

    Yes.  We bill for services at the beginning of the month for that month.  Once you request cancellation of service we will NOT bill you again for the following month.  However, we would finish the services for that month and no longer work on your account.  For example, you request cancellation on 9/10.  We would no longer bill you on 10/1, however the payment you made on 9/1 is valid and we would have to finish our work for the month of September up to 9/30.  

  • Can I take my data with me if I cancel?

    Yes.  Your data is yours.  Once you cancel, we can transfer the Quickbooks account to you and you can do whatever you want with it.  You can continue the subscription with them directly or you can export the data from them and do whatever you wish.

  • Can I keep track of different departments or segments?

    Yes we can set up and track different departments, locations and segments with the Pro plan.

  • Can you help with managing my A/P and A/R ?

    Yes we can set up and manage your A/R and A/P. This is available under our Pro Plan + A/R and A/P management.

  • Why can't I just use Quickbooks myself?

    Quickbooks is like any other software, it must be learned, mastered and properly utilized. Most small businesses don't have the resources to learn, train and fully utilize these specialized softwares. Furthermore, accounting is directly connected and inter-related to various different departments and process & procedures. There are now numerous ways to connect these processes & procedures and a specialists is needed to understand and implement the big picture goals and minor details.  

  • Are you just a bookkeeping company?

    No. While we do a lot of bookkeeping, we can do a lot more than that. Our focus is fully utilizing the entire operational system of the organization. That includes setting up Quickbooks and other Applications and have them work in tandem. Think of us as your outside CFO and COO. We try to make finance and operations work great together.

  • Do you also detailed inventory management?

    No. At this point we don't do inventory management. If you have the balances of your own inventory, we can however, do the rest of your books and complete your financials.  

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